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Alcohol Info

Alcohol Info

Here are some tips for calculating your blood alcohol level, and some venues also have breathalyzers.

Tips & Tricks

  • During the party
    • Having fun while being safe is easier if we control three factors:
      • What I do: anything can happen on a night out and sometimes we have trouble controlling our reactions.
        • The annoying creep. Some drugs (particularly alcohol) make us lose our inhibitions to the point where we can no longer control our behaviour, our emotions, or what we say and do. They make us say things we don’t mean, to people we shouldn’t say them to and sometimes we repeat them becoming the typical drunken pain in the neck everyone hates. If that happens with friends, usually nothing serious happens (or they might go out without you next time), but if you’re a nuisance to a member of the opposite sex and/or a total stranger, then it gets complicated. The implications go from missing the chance to have a relationship with someone to making them feel uncomfortable and harassed, and that is unacceptable.
  • After the party
    • Once the party’s over and we’ve decided to leave, it’s time to take a deep breath and try to think clearly. Work out what state you’re in, and your friends.Q de festa! venues have means to calculate your blood alcohol level so you can decide whether you’re in a fit state to drive or not.
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