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Food vending machines or other sales system.

Tips & Tricks

  • Getting ready
    • Don't forget to have dinner before you hit the town. You don't have to stuff yourself, but do have a proper meal. That way you can avoid stomachaches and the alcohol (or any other substance) will go to your head more slowly, helping to reduce a hangover the following morning.
  • During the party
    • Having fun while being safe is easier if we control three factors:
      • What I take: be very clear on how, when and what you take.
        • We get the energy we need for our bodies to work properly mostly from the food we eat. When we work, study, do sports (or any other activity) we eat every 6-8 hours. At night, however, when we're resting, we can easily go 12 hours without eating. If we're out partying, even though it's nighttime, it's as though we are at work! You should eat before you go out, and have a snack during the night to keep your strength up. Once you get home, eat something, don't go to sleep on an empty stomach.
  • After the party
    • Your body needs regenerating, to do that you need to eat healthily, drink plenty of water and sleep the right number of hours. Sometimes, the morning after a good night (or hours later) we're not hungry, we can't eat, we're not thirsty, and we can't sleep. If this happens, use your willpower and take care of yourself. Eat even if you're not hungry, have a drink of water and lie down, even if you don't sleep: just lying down means you get some rest.
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