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Health Info

The Q de festa! display stand has useful information on health, drugs, sexuality and other topics of interest.

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  • Getting ready
    • Then it’s time for some information, on the Internet or by other means It is important to find out::
      • The effects and risks of drug use.
    • What should I take with me?
      • Don’t leave anything important behind.. . Girls should take tampons or sanitary towels , for instance (for yourself or a friend if she forgets). If you take drugs, take your gear with you so you consume safely, hygienically and with fewer risks (tooter, mouthpiece, saline...) . Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a toothbrush and toothpaste! Who knows where you could end up?
      • To prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies, always carry a condom , or other barrier method... for him and her! Condoms are for two! To make sure it doesn’t spoil your fun, keep the condom handy and make it part of the game. It is easier to put it on during oral sex than just before penetration. If you’re one of those people who think they reduce sensitivity, check out different types to find the one that suits you. Remember the female condom too, which instead of fitting over the penis, fits inside the vagina (or rectum). If you didn’t think to bring condoms with you, and it looks like you’ll be needing one, you can find them on sale in Q de festa! venues.
      • Drug users, whether your thing is alcohol or any other type, should know their own limits and respect other people’s decisions sobre els seus propis consums. Algunes persones recorren al consum de substàncies psicoactives mentre surten de festa. A part de tots els efectes i riscos d'aquestes substàncies, el propi fet de com i on comprar-les pot generar riscos addicionals. Les substàncies adquirides en el mateix local acostumen a ser de baixa qualitat, estar adulterades (tallades), són més cares, i és molt més arriscat comprar-les, ja que existeix el risc de ser expulsat de l'espai o tenir problemes amb la llei. Para atenció amb què compres i a qui li compres! Recordem que també és possible analitzar el contingut de determinades substàncies (Energy Control) i que abans de prendre'n cap cal informar-se dels seus efectes i riscos.
  • During the party
    • Having fun while being safe is easier if we control three factors:
      • How I feel: listen to your body and take care of it.
        • Wearing the right amount of clothing helps reduce sweating and body temperature, and helps make us comfortable. Some Q de festa! venues have cloakrooms where you can leave coats and so on while you're dancing and pick them up on the way out
        • If you feel ill, can't breathe, your heart is racing, you feel anxious, paranoid or are having a ‘bad trip', take note, whether you've taken drugs or not, as these are clear warning signs. Rest for a while, get away from the music, lights and crowd, and get some air. Some Q de festa! venues have chill-out areas where you can relax, and if you don't start to feel better, tell your friends or a member of staff.
        • If you're a real partygoer and you go clubbing often, in addition to the general risks is the risk of hearing problems. The latest trend amongst ‘techno-sybarites' of Europe is to use earplugs, which reduce the impact of noise and filter out the most harmful sounds without affecting our perception of sound power, which is guaranteed thanks to the subwoofer bass. What's more, these earplugs do not interfere with communication, and are useful for partygoers and venue staff (bar staff and so on).
      • What I take: be very clear on how, when and what you take..
        • We all know we should only have what we feel like and when we feel like. Sometimes, though, someone invites us, incites us or challenges us and we end up taking something we shouldn't, something we don't really want, just because we can't say no. Knowing how much you've had and when (alcohol and other drugs) helps reduce the risks and the next morning's hangover.
        • The human body contains about 80% water. Exercise, high temperatures and alcohol are factors that lead to dehydration. It is very important to drink water (or another non-alcoholic drinks) frequently to stay hydrated.
        • We get the energy we need for our bodies to work properly mostly from the food we eat. When we work, study, do sports (or any other activity) we eat every 6-8 hours. At night, however, when we're resting, we can easily go 12 hours without eating. If we're out partying, even though it's nighttime, it's as though we are at work! You should eat before you go out, and have a snack during the night to keep your strength up. Once you get home, eat something, don't go to sleep on an empty stomach.
      • What I do: anything can happen on a night out and sometimes we have trouble controlling our reactions.
        • Conflict, discrimination and violence. Drugs like alcohol and cocaine can lead to bizarre and violent behaviour. Drugs make you lose your inhibitions; consequently, if the user has a natural tendency towards aggressiveness or is in a tense or stressful situation, he or she can easily become violent. Stay away from violent people, and above all, don't you become violent. It is important to know yourself and not get into situations that can bring out the worst in you. We go out to have a good time, not to spoil our or anyone else's evening. A fight ruins the night-for the people fighting, the people with them and anyone else who happens to be close by.
        • The annoying creep. Some drugs (particularly alcohol) make us lose our inhibitions to the point where we can no longer control our behaviour, our emotions, or what we say and do. They make us say things we don't mean, to people we shouldn't say them to and sometimes we repeat them becoming the typical drunken pain in the neck everyone hates. If that happens with friends, usually nothing serious happens (or they might go out without you next time), but if you're a nuisance to a member of the opposite sex and/or a total stranger, then it gets complicated. The implications go from missing the chance to have a relationship with someone to making them feel uncomfortable and harassed, and that is unacceptable.
        • Anti-social behaviour. All too often, we have no trouble doing at night what we wouldn't dream of doing during the day. Under cover of darkness, with hardly anyone about, we think nothing of peeing in a doorway, knocking down fencing around road works, breaking litterbins or climbing up lampposts, things we wouldn't do in the daylight with people looking on. Although we might think this stuff is funny, it's actually not worth the risk. The cost of vandalism, annoying residents and the chances of getting caught and fined (fine + cost of repair) would usually make us think twice.
        • Knowing when to stop: at some point you have to go home. Sometimes it's hard to stop, and if we've been partying hard, even more so! The best thing is to head home as soon as you feel like it, don't stay because your friends ask you to. It's often difficult to leave a party, but you should respect your body and learn to know when you've had enough.
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